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Bach's Prelude and Fugue in d Minor, Bk II
This Prelude and Fugue set comes from Bach's second book of Well-Tempered Klavier. As with the prelude and fugue combinations found in Book I, Bach was demonstrating the possibilities of using tempered tuning (enabling the instrumentalist to perform pieces in different keys without re-tuning the instrument). This was played as the opening piece to the joint recital given by my friend and me.

Chopin's Grand Polonaise
This is one of Chopin's more popular Polonaise. If you've ever seen the older version of "Little Women", you'll recognize this piece as the one that Jo sings after going to the opera house with Prof. Braun.

Barber's Nocturne
Samuel Barber, an American composer, wrote this piece as a tribute to Fields, who played a significant role in developing the style of Nocturnes. This piece, although with dissonances, is unlike typical contemporary classical music. He writes this "in the style of Chopin".

Debussy's Le Petite Suite for One Piano, Four-Hands
The concluding piece at the recital. We thought (friend and I) that it would be fun to do a duet piece for piano as we both play...and the ensemble work is always fun, even if time consuming. Could have done with more rehearsals...