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Happy Chinese New Year! It wasn't all that eventful this year, but it occurred to me that it's been a very long time since I last properly updated this site (resume included). Sooo... a quick recap of all that's gone on since last entry. After graduation, more seriously prepared for wedding which occurred at the end of 2005. Went on a very enjoyable and relaxing honeymoon in New Zealand and Australia. Upon getting back, worked on getting settled into new (for me) home and six months later, switched jobs to reduce commute time. We were originally going to go to China to go teach English to nursing students, but that fell through. Went on a few hikes with friends, experimented with cooking and gaining more experience in the kitchen, worked a little more on the house (still not done) and that about encapsulates it.
This year, I've just gotten in touch with a classical guitar teacher in the area and hope to learn how to play the classical guitar. I also am hoping to find a piano teacher I like around the area and resume dedicated piano studies... And it'd also be nice to further develop my photo-taking skills.
A word of warning before continuing on to other pages: the website HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED in its entirety. That's it for now. Enjoy!

Wow it's been almost a year since I last updated. As it goes, I just graduated with my Master's degree on Friday (whoohoo)!! I am still pretty happy and excited about that, particularly that my presentation (aka "defense") went well, considering that I am typically a mediocre presenter at best. Praise God!
Now that I time again, I can get back into piano again. And perhaps some more technical reading about things other than SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and other Web Services related subjects. Hopefully, there will also be time to enjoy the outdoors as well...biking, hiking, and the "annual" summer camping trip with my friends Maria and Desi :).

It's been quite a while since I've updated the site, I'm uploading some images from a recent trip, I decided to go ahead and do the deed. On the weekend of August 21-22, two high school friends and I went camping at Westport, WA. It wasn't the best weekend due to the weather, but it was still neat.
Westport is proported to be home to the tallest lighthouse in the state of Washington. As we weren't allowed to take our cameras up to the top, I had to do with snagging a shot from the base of the spiral staircase leading all the way to the top--even that was pretty neat looking. The lense that is housed inside the lighthouse is no longer used as a seafaring navigational aid. In place, they have a smaller light mounted to the exterior of the lighthouse that serves as a beacon (and is controlled remotely from out of state).
Westport aside, the bulk of this summer has been spent replacing our carpetted floors with newly installed maple hardwood floors. Still not quite completed, it still looks neat. Pictures of the entire process can be seen here if desired (requires signing up for free Ofoto account).
Now though, I am focusing my energies on finding a job, my Capstone proposal/project and preparing a piano piece for recital supposedly sometime in November. Idea for Capstone project has been changed. Initially, I was hoping to do a Music Recognition program. That was scrapped for a Web Services oriented approach to online banking/transacting. Now, however, the idea is to implement a SMTP-based (asynchronous) Web Services using Supply-Chain Management (SCM) as the sample domain.
That's all for can listen to some piano music, guest artist being myself if you'd like. Tata for now...